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Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Weight Loss


You might want to look fabulous for an upcoming special occasion, improve your fitness levels, train for an event or simply lose weight to feel better, stronger and healthier.

Whatever your motivation if you want to achieve weight loss, reduce body fat and feel lean and healthy, I tailor workouts to your fitness level and make sure they are varied and tough so you achieve your goals but fun too so you stay motivated.

With some friendly encouragement, hard work and discipline I will help you burn calories. You will feel stronger, fitter and healthier.

Workouts can be focused so that specific body areas are targeted for toning and tightening. Cardiovascular work at a suitable intensity with adequate (but not too long) rest periods will help keep your heart rate appropriately elevated so that you are burning calories throughout your training sessions.

Cardiovascular work is a significant part of a weight loss but not the whole solution. We also need to improve your toning and strength. Higher muscle content is helpful in weight loss (you don’t have to bulk up!) as it improves your metabolic rate which means your body will naturally burn calories faster even when you’re not training.

A large element of weight loss relates to intake of food and drink. Improved diet goes hand in hand with weight loss – abs are made in the kitchen! If weight loss is your goal then I will help you review and improve your diet too.

You will feel and look leaner, fitter and healthier.

Don’t wait. For a free consultation and to enjoy real weight loss results contact me now.