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Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Body Sculpting


You might want to transform your body shape or focus on a single area. You might be close to your goal or have a long journey ahead of you.

Whether you are looking to have longer leaner legs and a bigger and firmer bum or whether you want to build a six-pack to match some bigger and stronger arms, I tailor your workouts to your objectives and fitness level and make sure they are varied and tough but fun too.

It is important to understand that different types of resistance work and/or exercising with weights leads to different results, by managing the level of resistance and the number of repetitions you can control the development of the muscles and sculpt the body to look how you want it to.

For example, muscle mass can be added via heavy resistance work - typically with lower repetitions and by training to muscle failure.

Equally, a longer, leaner muscle can be achieved via use of lighter resistance and higher repetitions.

As you would expect, your diet is also a significant factor in achieving your objective - whether you are trying to lose weight and/or add muscle. I will help you review and improve your diet too.

With hard work and discipline I can sculpt your body to look just how you want it to and you will feel amazing.

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