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You might want to look fabulous for an upcoming special occasion, improve your fitness levels or simply lose weight to feel better, stronger and healthier.

Whatever your goals are, I tailor workouts to your fitness level and make sure they are varied and tough but fun too.

weight loss services


With some friendly motivation, hard work and discipline I will help you burn calories and have fun. You will feel stronger, fitter and healthier.

Diet Plan  DIET

Can you improve your diet? I will ask you to complete a food diary so we can review your intake of food and drink. An improved awareness of the nutrition you need and the ‘stuff’ you should avoid is vital to achieving your goals. I can even help you take total control of your diet.

Toning & Strength services TONING & STRENGTH

I will customize your workout to improve your muscle tone and definition for the look you want and that suits you. Your strength will improve – and if you want bigger muscles we can build them too!

Flexibility  FLEXIBILITY

Daily routine can affect your posture and physique. Drawing on extensive experience from yoga and stretching techniques, with a program adapted to your needs, I can improve your flexibility and overall sense of well being. Maybe you’ll even be doing the splits!

Body Sculpting  BODY SCULPTING

With exercises carefully selected for you to achieve the results you want coupled with hard work I can change the way your body looks. You will love your appearance, feel empowered and more confident.


New Mummies


For new mums who may have had a baby in the last 24 months I can help you shed any unwanted baby weight, improve your muscle tone and have you feeling and looking your best.