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“I'd highly recommend Emma as a personal trainer. She tailors exercise to your personal needs, pushes you just the right amount and still manages to make the sessions enjoyable!”


“Emma gave me helpful advice on both exercise and food. She makes sure I stay interested and motivated and has helped me to achieve what no other personal trainer could help me with - a really shapely bum!”


“Within 3 months of training with Emma, the results are phenomenal and way beyond my expectations. I have lost about 10 Kg in weight and cms all over my body and most particularly around my hips and thighs which have always been my "problem areas". I love training with Emma, she is the perfect mix of tough and gentle - she makes me want to push myself, helps me achieve results and I look forward to every session. What I love most is her personality and her attitude - she knows how to adapt to each client and their needs and she is the ultimate professional, giving you 100% and expecting nothing less in return. I will continue to train with Emma for a long time to come, I have never felt better!”


“I've been working out with Emma for over 2 years and she has helped me achieve my fitness goals and get back in shape. Emma understands my body shape and my ambition and creates bespoke workouts to suit my needs and to create that perfect bikini body. She's not the scary type who will shout at you during your workout, however don't be fooled by her looks and her angelic voice as she will always push you to your limits in order to achieve your goals. You will leave your session feeling energized and having released all your stress. She always has great advice and over time has become a great friend. I couldn't imagine my life without her”


“Emma has been integral to my amazing results over the last 9 months. I have gone from a chubby 84Kg with 25% body fat, down to 73kg and 19% Body Fat! Emma has a fabulous nature, style and personality, which has been the main driver to our success. Her knowledge of workouts, fat loss and diets are second to none. I could not have asked for a better coach or one with such genuine desire for clients' results.”


“Working out with Emma was a such great experience in every single way. She put me in the right direction on how to see results faster. After my 3rd session I noticed positive changes in my body, after my 6th session I started enjoying the treadmill & having more resistance doing planks. I know its a long way but thanks to Emma & her nutrition guidance I know I can get the body I aim for.”


“Emma is that rare personal trainer who cares more for your body, than you. She is an ideal mix of effectiveness and empathy, with an enviable record of injury free training. As her long time client, my biggest proof is that I'm constantly asked for my personal trainer's number...”


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