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Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now



Most of us are intelligent and sufficiently well informed to know whether or not we are eating a healthy and balanced diet. However, eating the right thing in the right quantity at the right time whilst avoiding ‘empty calories’ is never as easy as it should be.

You might want to put on weight with lean muscle or shed body fat to look leaner and more healthy - your diet is key! Working out and training harder than ever is just 30% of the solution.

But how can you improve your diet? And how should you tailor it to achieve your goals?

I will ask you to complete a food diary so we can review your intake of food and drink. I will improve your awareness of what you are eating and drinking (including when and why) to give you greater control over your diet and make you more informed about your nutritional choices to help you achieve your goals.

It can be hard to stick to a diet. But I can even help you take total control of your nutrition – consume a set number of calories per day, get all the vitamins, protein and carbohydrates you need tailored to your daily requirements (you will be amazed at how easy this is to do - and it tastes good too!)

You will feel lighter, healthier and more energetic.

For a free consultation, for 100% control of your diet and for real results, contact me now.