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Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Buy 8 personal training sessions and get 2 FREE Call 07875 123 511 now

Toning & Strength


Some people are very happy with their physique and strength. Others less so – you may want to target a ‘problem area’, have better toning or show off some bigger muscles.

Whether you are looking for a flatter tummy, bigger and firmer bum or larger and stronger arms, I tailor your workouts to your objectives and fitness level and make sure they are varied and tough but fun too.

It is important to understand that resistance work and/or exercising with weights does not automatically lead to a bulkier more muscular physique, by managing the level of resistance and the number of repetitions you can control the development of the muscles.

By consistently varying the exercises (this applies both to your whole body and specific ‘problem areas’) your body will not get used to a specific movement and therefore each exercise will challenge the muscles slightly differently to achieve results quicker by avoiding plateaus. A combination of compound and isolation exercises can be employed to deliver the best results for toning.

Strength in specific areas can be increased significantly by repeatedly focussing on certain key exercises (e.g. press-ups for chest and triceps) and by measuring the increased capacity and monitoring improved form of the movement.

Muscles mass can be added via heavy resistance work - typically with lower repetitions and strict form.

Your body will look and feel stronger, tighter and more toned. You will be proud of your old problem areas and impressed when you look in the mirror at your improved physique.

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